Thursday, March 22, 2012

Put Some Avocado In That Guacamole

We have possibly the cutest cat in the entire world. His name is Avocado, which doesn't come as a surprise if you know me and my long standing tradition of food names haha. He has Josh and I completely wrapped around his paw. We cater to his every beck and meow. Since he is basically our child I thought it only appropriate to dedicate a post to his undeniable charm and adorableness. Everyone please give it up for the king of cuddles himself...

We love him to death. He keeps us laughing...hard. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Pinterest Worthy Apartment

We made it! It didn't seem like it was gonna happen there for a minute (driving through Kansas puts you in a weird wheat/flat land induced haze), not to mention driving 10 hours a day for four days straight kinda makes you want to voluntarily commit yourself to the loony bin. But, in reality, we had a great experience with no weather issues, no car accidents, and no trailer damage, so we really can't complain and should probably still be doing a happy dance. Most exciting of all, we are now surrounded by mountains and such a diverse population it makes me drool a little (out of excitement not rabies). Our first order of business was to find a rockin' apartment after being a little deprived in China this past year. After much searching and stressing we found our little gem. Allow me to take you on a picture tour of my love child. 


More bedroom with awesome nightstands

Bathroom (one of my favorite rooms)

Dining area

Entryway with nifty arrow coat hangers


Living room

Other side of living room

Now, I got my Pinterest account while we were in China which has given me a year to obsess over what projects I wanted to try first when we got back to a country that has craft stores! So these are some of my first success stories. 

Scratching pad! For the overly energetic kitty in our family, Avocado. Made from our moving boxes and some scrapbook paper. He loves it and our brand new carpet is grateful. 

Wall of Fame! All the frames have pictures of Josh and I in all the countries and famous cities we've been to together. 

Picture garlands. I had a disgusting amount of pictures I wanted to display and this was a super easy, cute, and cheap way to do it.

Cheesy chicken! Pinterest has definitely broadened our eating horizons. Much to Josh's delight :)

 And I made Nutella cheesecake for dessert. I'm the next Rachel Ray I swear lol. 

Refinished patio table! I modge podged the heck outta that sucker and I'm pretty excited about how cute it turned out. 

I've made quite a few other tasty meals and cute DIY things but all the projects above are my favorites thus far. So, all this to say; we love our new home, we are going to have to name our firstborn child after the landlord to afford rent, and Pinterest has had way too much of an influence in my life lately!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hello World

The boxes are packed, the trailer is rented, and the cat is in his cage! We are about to embark on another crazy adventure, but this time we will at least be able to read the street signs! After a great month at home visiting everyone and relaxing, we are hitting the road tomorrow to start our lives in Washington! We're nervous! We're happy! We're crazy! We're already tired of the drive haha. Wish us luck as we take this leap of faith into what we hope is a chapter even better than the last. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New England Here We Come!

We had the most amazing time in New England last week! Our friend Kerry was our tour guide for the week and took us ALL over New England. We saw Boston, Cape Cod, Salem and Plymouth while we were in MA. 

 Amaretto Cannoli from Mike's Pastry in Boston's North End. 

 USS Constitution...AKA "Old Ironsides"

Quincy Market

Cape Cod! Most perfect beach I've ever seen! 

We need help!

Salem...a wicked good time!

Plymouth Rock

Mayflower Replica

Then we made our way to New Port, RI on my 20th birthday!! Woot Woot. 

Cliff Walk

I LOVE that mansion!

Finally, we ended our trip in Connecticut. First we went to Kerry's hometown in East Haddam, then we went to New Haven. 

Gillette Stone Castle

Kerry's house is so beautiful. 

Yale! Why didn't I go to school here?

First pizza place in the U.S.


It was so nice to see Kerry and be able to chat with someone who's also been an English teacher in China. Josh and I had so much fun! And I was so excited to spend my 20th birthday in such an incredible part of the country. It was a week very well spent!!