Sunday, February 5, 2012

New England Here We Come!

We had the most amazing time in New England last week! Our friend Kerry was our tour guide for the week and took us ALL over New England. We saw Boston, Cape Cod, Salem and Plymouth while we were in MA. 

 Amaretto Cannoli from Mike's Pastry in Boston's North End. 

 USS Constitution...AKA "Old Ironsides"

Quincy Market

Cape Cod! Most perfect beach I've ever seen! 

We need help!

Salem...a wicked good time!

Plymouth Rock

Mayflower Replica

Then we made our way to New Port, RI on my 20th birthday!! Woot Woot. 

Cliff Walk

I LOVE that mansion!

Finally, we ended our trip in Connecticut. First we went to Kerry's hometown in East Haddam, then we went to New Haven. 

Gillette Stone Castle

Kerry's house is so beautiful. 

Yale! Why didn't I go to school here?

First pizza place in the U.S.


It was so nice to see Kerry and be able to chat with someone who's also been an English teacher in China. Josh and I had so much fun! And I was so excited to spend my 20th birthday in such an incredible part of the country. It was a week very well spent!!

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